New in the Store:

We are excited to have a product in our store that is invented and developed in Parksville by three women entrepreneurs, Vikki, Cathy and Kim.

Vesti is a extemely bright reflective vest with individual designs made for walkers, dog walkers, bikers, runners and children who play, board or bike.  They are streamlined and stylish with handy pockets and you absolutely do not resemble a construction crew worker when wearing it. You can stay active with your pets and family and be safer in the streets during the dark, winter mornings and evenings. They would make a thoughtful gift to anyone who needs to be seen in traffic.
Here is the link to their website for more information:

Seed starter trays made from recycled water bottles. (Finally!  -it's about time!)

Easy to use Digital Moisture meters and PH meters. (Get an accurate read on your soil)

Gardener's Hand and Body Care Products. (Staff likes)

Vancouver Island sourced  Liquid Fish Fertilizer. (Supporting Island companies)

Corona Hand Tools and Pruners direct from the supplier. (Great Deals!)

Tidy Up Outdoors with Garden Brooms (Lots of buzz about these!)
  • Handmade in Sri Lanka
  • Environmentally friendly - Made from the coconut palm leaf that has fallen off the tree.
  • Handier than a rake to lift wet leaves from walkways
  • Strong, sturdy, but light and made to the highest quality standards
  • Featured in articles by Helen Chestnut (Times Colonist) and Steve Whysall (Vancouver Sun)
New in the Greenhouse:
(arriving March 15th)
Note:In the Greenhouse page, click on our Link to Van Noort Bulb for pictures and info.

Organic Seed Potatoes
  • Three varieties: Carlita, Innovator and Mozart
  • Large yields and long storage life
Double Oriental Lilies "Fabiola " in Ken-Dor's Bulb Flyer (March 6th release)
  • Pollen Free
  • Blooms in late summer
  • New cutting edge hybrid
Two New Blueberry Varieties
  • Top Hat is the first container blueberry
  • Compact, mounding shape to 18"
  • Self pollinating
  • Wild blueberry flavour
  • Chandler is the world's largest blueberry (cherry size)
  • Long ripening season - up to 6 weeks!
Packaged Dahlia "Strawberry Lemonade" is a mouth watering combination of two varieties, a peach and a pink.  They are available in the greenhouse for a limited time.

Later in the spring an exciting Tomato from Valleybrook Gardens: Mighty 'Mato is a grafted tomato for super-abundant harvests! Grafted onto wild tomato rootstock they are also disease resistant, weather tolerant and vigorous plants.