The Bird's Nest
is a new section of the store that caters to the desire you have for keeping the birds in our gardens happy and working for us. The birdsong is vital to our spirit and the pesky insects that the birds pick off our plants and between our garden rows is worthy of reward.

Here's what you can expect to find in the Bird's Nest:

We have a premium range of seven kinds of top quality bird seed in two or three sizes  for songbirds and working birds. Many types are shelled for waste free and litter free bird feeder areas. A few types have been sterilized to stop germination and contamination to the garden.

There are excellent suet feeders made from recycled plastic as well as different flavours of suet cake at special promotional pricing so that stocking up is easy for times when birds are enduring cold or needing nutrition quickly while nesting.

Speaking of nesting, there are now netted balls of pure cotton which one can hang for the birds to pull out and take away to line the inside of their soft nest.

Artsie, unique and functional bird houses made on Saltspring Island by Frank Ens are sure to attract the most desirable bird families.

Of course we display beautiful feeders as well as feeders with good design features such as the squirrel buster.

Ever felt the distress of knowing that the birds are accidentally crashing into the windows?
We have a new type of decal that is put on the window that will reflect ultraviolet light which is highly noticeable to to the bird's vision and will end the unnecessary carnage.

Please come in to see our selection of these items and more.